air pollution control


Air Pollution Control

Dust Collector Elements

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies supply filters manufactured for Air Pollution Control applications.

Our company produces a range of standard replacement elements for OEM and Resellers in the dust collection market. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies can design an element to retrofit existing collectors or to suit a specific application. Problems such as temperature, chemical attack, sub micron dust, sticky or oily deposits can all be handled with the range of media and construction methods available.

Standard replacement elements available

  • Torit® Downflo®, Downflo II®
  • Torit Small Downflo®
  • Farr-Tenkay
  • PBC – pleated bag cartridge – various cell plate openings and lengths
  • DCE – Siloair
  • Tamrock drill elements
  • Ingersoll-Rand drill elements.

*Torit is a registered trade mark of Donaldson Co. Inc.
*Downflo is a registered trade mark of Donaldson Co. Inc

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