CAT 55B Truck Diesel Particulate Filters

Catalytic Diesel Exhaust Filters for Mining Fleet Vehicles

FFT (Freudenberg Filtration Technologies) Catalytic Diesel Exhaust Filters are built for CAT 55B Trucks to help improve air quality underground and protect the short and long term health of workers.



cat 55b truck diesel particulate filter

FFT CAT 55B Truck Diesel Exhaust filters:

• Reduce mine site personnel exposure to Diesel Exhaust Emissions, a Group 1 Carcinogen listed by the World health Organisation IARC and recognised by Australian Cancer Council as Cancer Causing.

• Improve air quality underground and help improve the short and long term health of workers in enclosed space.

• Are locally made in Australia by Murray Engineering for Australian mining conditions.

• Have full product installation and service support provided by Murray Engineering and Freudenberg Filtration.

• Are direct replacements for OEM mufflers, quick and easy to install.

FFT CAT 55B diesel exhaust filters come in two distinct technologies, PFF (Partial Flow Filter) and CRT (Continuous Regeneration Technology).

a) The CRT technology provides the highest DPM reduction of any exhaust filter technology available and will ensure operators are protected to the highest level.

b) The PFF technology has marginally lower efficiency but will simply lose efficiency over time should maintenance not be performed rather than block, potentially stopping machine. Pending maintenance can easily be predicted through performing a simple gas test. The filter substrate is also more durable and less prone to cracking / damage.

Both systems need cleaning approximately every 2000-3000 hours (like all DPF’s due to lube oil ash build up) and service life is around 10,000 hours.

Our PFF and CRT filter elements are interchangeable on all mufflers so technology can be swapped later if site should wish (and makes for easy service exchange of filter elements without need to remove entire muffler).

Murray Engineering offer a full service exchange / cleaning service for these filters. Murray Engineering are a mining services company who understand underground machines, mining operations and the importance of reducing onsite maintenance concerns.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies | Diesel Particulate Filters for CAT 55B Trucks.