PFF Diesel Exhaust Filters for Mining Fleet Vehicles

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Partial Flow Filter Technology (PFF)

Our Partial Flow Filter (PFF) technology range includes diesel particulate filters for Atlas 6020, CAT 45B, CAT 55B, CAT IT30G & CAT IT28G Integrated Toolcarriers and Sandvik 663 Mining Fleet Trucks, CAT R1700, CAT R2900 and Sandvik 621 & 517 Loaders as well as Toyota LandCruiser mining fleet vehicles.

PFF Catalytic Diesel Exhaust Filters are a direct replacement for the OEM Muffler.

Freudenberg are renowned diesel particulate filtration manufacturers, approved and preferred suppliers to the Australian Mining Industry.


pff partial flow filter for diesel exhausts

FFT (Freudenberg Filtration Technologies) Diesel Exhaust filters:

  • Reduce mine site personnel exposure to Diesel Exhaust Emissions, a Group 1 Carcinogen listed by the World health Organisation IARC and recognised by Australian Cancer Council as Cancer Causing.
  • microfresh® PFF filters improve air quality underground and help improve the short and long term health of workers in enclosed space.
  • microfresh® PFF filters are locally made in Australia by Murray Engineering for Australian mining conditions.
  • microfresh® PFF filters have full product installation and service support provided by Murray Engineering and Freudenberg Filtration.
  • microfresh® PFF filters are direct replacements for OEM mufflers, quick and easy to install.

FFT Partial Flow Filter (PFF) technology:

  • Provide superior filtration efficiency compared to OEM technology.
  • Stainless steel housing and filter element construction ensures filters are durable and vibration resistant. 
  • Partial Flow design ensure filters do not block up and cause back pressure issues.
  • Provide 90% reduction of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons, and a 75-92% reduction in diesel particulate matter DPM.
  • No back pressure monitoring required.

PFF Filter Efficiency

pff filter efficiency graph

Murray Engineering offer a full service exchange / cleaning service for these PFF Catalytic Diesel Exhaust Filters and CRT Filters. Murray Engineering are a mining services company who understand underground machines, mining operations and the importance of reducing onsite maintenance concerns.


Freudenberg Filtration Technologies | PFF Diesel Exhaust Filters for Mining Fleet Vehicles.