General Mining Filtration


FFT general mining filter ranges includes Filter Cartridges, Pulse Cleaning Panels, Pleated Bag Cartridges (PBC), Inlet Blower Filters (MF) and Cabin Air Filter products, some of which are also used for Air Pollution Control and Industrial Process Air applications.

Mining filtration applications include dust emission control at Bin Vents, Rock Crushers, Excavation Sites, Hammer Mills, Conveyor Transfer Points, Ball Mills and Stock Pile Feeders.

  • for general mining and air pollution control applications. PBC's are designed to retrofit most commonly available bag houses and cell plate openings, replacing both the filter sock and the cage with a single pleated cartridge.

  • for general mining and industrial process air applications inlet filter elements are manufactured primarily for blowers and compressors.

  • FFT Cabin Air Filters protect personnel from ultrafine nanoparticles (including dusts such as Diesel Particulate, Silica and Asbestos), not necessarily stopped by standard OEM Filters.


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